Portrait of the Artist’s Father
This piece is an Artist’s Proof, cast in resin and fiberglass, done in the “cold-cast bronze” technique, whereby the outer surface, a matrix of powdered bronze and resin, is bonded to an underlying shell of resin and glass fibers. The coloration is a result of the process of patination, achieved by the chemical application of acids and dyes, with heat.  Dimensions are 110” x 67” x 75”.  I intend to cast the piece once more in actual bronze, pending a suitable commission.
Representing a radically new direction in my work, allowing at once the study of figurative and abstract sculptural forms, this piece is the first in a series of large-scale sculptural portraits of individuals with whom I’ve had intimate contact during my life. I’m looking forward with much excitement to the continuation of this cycle.
Contact me at: arthur@arthurgould.com
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